Mapping as a Service

Team 4M | 
November 15, 2020

There is a vast number of products, tools and technologies that are delivered over the internet as a service: software (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), infrastructure (IaaS), and now mapping – MaaS.

Every additional cloud service allows organizations to shed pieces of their physical IT infrastructure, cutting costs and boosting efficiency. In the realm of construction and utilities, which is almost entirely physical, the impact is even greater.  Cloud based services are able to prevent budget overruns, construction delays, claims & changed orders, utility relocations, safety issues and more.

In our case we make manual records – redundant, field investigations – automated, geophysical locating – scalable, and the need for utility exposing – minimized.

Our ability to optimize all phases of the subsurface mapping, positions us as a prime contender to disrupt this manually intensive and highly expensive, Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) market.

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Team 4M