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We are defining the next generation of subsurface infrastructure surveying.

What we are is a subsurface-infrastructure geo-data company, founded by satellite and subsurface engineering experts.

Who we are is our vision; giving humanity unprecedented access to what is happening underneath the surface. Access that will change the way things are done in a variety of sectors, from utilities, through agriculture, to defense.

As countries prosper, poverty decreases, and our world becomes more and more physically connected, the use of the subsurface will rapidly grow, and our plan is to be there every step of the way.

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Itzik Malka (CEO), Yoav Cohen (CTO), and Nir Cohen (COO) founded 4M to help humanity maximize the potential of the yet to be discovered subsurface. Together they assembled an A-team of individuals with the perfect expertise to materialize their ground-breaking vision.

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Years ago, they decided to devote their topographic expertise towards clearing minefields, developing various methods to detect the exact locations of buried explosives. With time these methods were found to be effective on other buried man-made objects, commencing the journey of 4M analytics.


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If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that to do exceptional things we need to be a team of exceptional people.
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