The Public Cost of Utility Strikes feat. Nicole Metje (Ep. 14)

Team 4M | 
May 8, 2022

Nicole Metje is the Head of Enterprise, Engagement and Impact and Head of the Power and Infrastructure Research Group within the School of Engineering, and the Deputy Director for Sensors of the UKCRIC National Buried Infrastructure Facility at the University of Birmingham. She leads the Geophysics work package for the Birmingham-led Quantum Technologies (QT) Hub for Sensors and Timing , which focuses on the application of QT gravity sensors for a range of applications including as buried pipes, capped mine shafts, sinkholes, monitoring of water levels and carbon sequestration. In parallel, she works with industry on several Innovate UK funded projects to accelerate the development of QT gravity gradiometers, and develop market pull for different civil engineering applications such as railway assets, mine workings and leakage through earthworks.

Co-hosts: David Horesh (Director of Marketing) and Ophir Wainer (Director of North American Business Development) Just in case you missed it, in our previous podcast, Jim Anspach told us the amazing history of SUE and his founding role leading to ASCE 38.

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Team 4M