Preliminary Real-Time Data: An AI-Powered Utility Desk Study, Available in Real-Time

February 5, 2024

Let's face it: the subsurface landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and traditional methods to obtain utility data, with their lengthy turnaround times and validation processes, are no longer sufficient.

That's why we're excited to unveil our latest breakthrough – a new data layer that revolutionizes how project owners, civil engineers, estimators, contractors, and business development professionals access and utilize utility data.


🎉 Preliminary Real-Time Data: An AI-Powered Utility Desk Study, Available in Real-Time.

Wave goodbye to the days of fruitlessly scouring the web for utility records that are as outdated as they are incomplete. Say farewell to the endless waiting game, hanging on utility owners' responses. And forget those last-minute, frantic calls to 811. It's time for a new chapter.

Imagine this: you draw a line or polygon, and like magic, there it is - information on specific utility lines, their owners, and a wealth of utility details right at your fingertips.

Now, it's a reality with 4M's Preliminary Real-time utility Data. Get instant and detailed access to the utility data you need when you need it.

Our new data layer offers immediate visualization of specific utility lines, their owners, and extensive utility information. Compiled from existing and unverified utility records, this data enables you to access detailed utility data in real-time, accelerate planning and field team mobilization, and achieve a competitive advantage to secure more bids.

Past Challenge: Conventional Record Research

In the world of infrastructure and project management, where every second counts, quick and reliable access to utility data isn't just important—it's critical. But let's face it—traditional methods are like running a relay with a heavy baton—they're slow and cumbersome and often hinder one's ability to plan effectively and win bids.

🚫 Time Delays

Extended turnaround times for utility data create delays in project pursuits and bidding. This affects timely decision-making and can lead to missed opportunities or increased costs.

🚫 Competitive Disadvantages

In the high-stakes competitive bidding game, time is not just money; it's your lifeline. Traditional methods of accessing utility data have left many lagging, watching as more agile competitors snatch opportunities.

🚫 Cost Escalation

Unforeseen utility-related challenges and budget overruns have long been project managers' nightmares. Delays in data access exacerbate these issues, threatening project profitability and feasibility.

Solution: An AI-Powered Utility Desk Study, Available in Real-Time.

In response to these challenges, 4M's Preliminary Real-time Data offering provides immediate, detailed utility data, streamlines project planning, and helps you win more bids. The benefits include:

✅ Access Detailed Utility Data in Real-Time

With our innovative solution, you gain an immediate, detailed overview of the utility landscape and complexities. This enables you to conduct thorough risk and feasibility assessments in the early stages of construction like never before.

Use cases:

  • Record Research
  • Risk Assessment

✅ Accelerate Planning & Mobilize Your Field Team

With instant access to utility data, you can eliminate wait time and expedite preliminary planning, enabling rapid mobilization of your field teams for on-site verification. This speed isn’t just about saving time; it’s about seizing opportunities.

Use Cases:


✅ Achieve Competitive Advantage & Secure More Bids

Having early access to detailed utility data is like having a secret weapon. Our Preliminary Real-Time Data solution arms you with this weapon, providing the insights needed to outmaneuver the competition during the pursuit, scoping, and bidding phases.

Use Cases:


Try Preliminary Real-Time Data Today – For Free!

The future of utility mapping is here, and it's time for you to be a part of it. Our Preliminary Real-Time Data isn’t just a tool; it's your new secret weapon — tailor-made to propel your projects into a future where speed and efficiency are the norm.

Experience for yourself the new area of utility mapping, where waiting is out, and instant insights are in.

Chris Garafola

With over a decade of experience spanning agencies and innovative startups, Chris is a dedicated content marketing leader, driven by the belief that content isn't just about consumption; it's about leaving a lasting impact on the person who engages with it. Inspired by 4M's mission to create the first online database of subsurface utilities in the U.S., Chris is eager to illuminate one of the infrastructure industry's most pressing issues and champion innovative solutions that deeply resonate with general contractors and civil engineers to address these challenges.