Announcing Our New 4Dig Pilot Program

Team 4M | 
May 7, 2021

4M Analytics is marking another leap forward with the announcement of the 4Dig pilot program, opening a unique opportunity for industry members to be among the first to adopt the revolutionary 4Dig application by 4M Analytics. The application is a GPS powered real-time excavation-tracking mobile app targeting damage prevention and aiming to reduce, eventually avoiding all together, utility strikes by excavators during construction and engineering projects, while also improving project management and asset control.

The idea for the 4Dig pilot program was hatched as a means to validate the concept and value of the 4Dig application, initiating its integration into the real world by collaborating with leading companies operating in the field. This collaborative foundation for conducting the pilot program comes from an understanding that these companies represent, and are, the actual intended end-users and as such they stand to gain the most by early adopting this technology. A mutual collaboration is also the best way to asses and test the application's usability and features against actual needs of operators and real time performance in the field. Based on the 4Map platform for subsurface mapping, the 4Dig application is just one of possible derivatives that 4M Analytics is developing that leverages the potential of its sophisticated mapping engine.

In order to measure the progress of the pilot program the success criteria are a very high percentage of warning and notifications about close and endangered/at risk existing utility before excavating and the received positive user feedback about the application's User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), this crucial response is to be collected from the staff of the collaborating company, mainly the operators and managers on site. Obviously these KPI's, and any additional metrics, are meant to be refined and specifically determined per participant according to the scale and other factors of that specific project or site.

The program plan is modeled with a flexible timeline to ensure agile progression and securing the capacity for changes according to each participating project's Gantt & phases for maximum efficiency. Throughout the pilot, 4M will use its mapping engine to create 4Dig's base maps, for each area of operation according to the different project phases. Additionally, 4M is committing a comprehensive envelope of resources including Support & Implementation teams who are boots on the ground on the site itself during the first two phases, DevOps teams working on the incoming rejections and suggestions, a GIS team for database updating and even designated Android devices during initial phases.

The one-of-a-kind pilot program is ideal for so many players who are faced with daily operational, and even organizational, challenges when it comes to excavation safety and damage prevention. This is a great opportunity to make real impact and advance existing safety measure to the next level, it also stands to show the confidence 4M Analytics is putting in its solutions and their ability to deliver results and bring about real value and change to an industry in dire need of innovation.

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