The Real Story Behind Damage Statistics feat. Ahmed Al-Bayati

Ep. 11 |
April 12, 2022

On our latest episode, Dr. Ahmed Al-Bayati talked about what he's learned about the One-Call system from years of research on the ground, how we need to use it differently, and what other tools we need moving forward.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Bayati is the founding director of the Construction Safety Research Center (CSRC) and an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at Lawrence Tech. University.  Among others, Dr. Al-Bayati contributed to the construction industry's understanding of how to prevent damage to subsurface infrastructure through several published peer-reviewed studies. Recently, he and Louis Panzer published a book about the one-call system through the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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Co-hosts: David Horesh (Director of Marketing) and Ophir Wainer (Director of North American Business Development)

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