Tech-Forward Surveying feat. Steaphan MacAulay

Ep.2 |
November 5, 2021

We have a fantastic second episode of the 4M Utilities Strategy Podcast featuring Prince Edward Island's finest, Steaphan MacAulay!

Steaphan MacAulay is a geomatics engineering technologist with 22 years of infrastructure experience. He is currently Vice President of Transportation & Infrastructure at Global Raymac Surveys and works with the team supporting major construction projects.

Steaphan talked us through his journey in surveying through some of the most iconic infrastructure projects in Canada, including Confederation Bridge. He shared with us his learning curve to adopting advanced LIDAR tools and bringing clients onboard to this incredible technology for data collection early on in the surveying process. He also told us about a classic "surveyor moment" during his Las Vegas bachelor party and the motto on his family crest tattoo.

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