Securing $11M to map the subsurface

August 10, 2021

We're proud to announce a successful Series A, securing $11M in investments. This round was led by Viola Ventures and joined by the company’s seed investors, F2 Venture Capital, Rami Beracha and Eyal Gabay, demonstrating the continued confidence in the team and our vision.

The funding will be used to build an engine that is able to map the entire subsurface of the US and develop applications which will assist various stakeholders in their subsurface-related operations.

This is the most recent investment by Viola Ventures following their successful streak of IPOs. Zvika Orron, General Partner at Viola Ventures and the company’s newest board member said:

“Predominantly, tech companies have been focused on mapping the surface we all see, leaving the subsurface unattended. 4M is comprised of a team that know the struggles of infrastructure inside out and we believe their unique technology and experience will lead to the creation of the ‘Google Maps’ of the subsurface”

Itzik Malka, co-founder and CEO shared - ”We have found a way to shine a light upon what was once the emptiest space on earth but has now become a complicated environment that hides countless miles of buried infrastructure.

From oil and gas lines to electricity grids and even optic fibers, we’re aiming to create a global map of the subsurface, and are humbled to have such titans of industry share our vision”

This is our second funding round in just under eight months, following our previous seed round of $3M which was led by F2 Venture Capital, one of Israel’s most active VC funds.

Jonathan Saacks, Managing Partner of F2 Venture Capital: “4M are disrupting an enormous market with their technology and automation. We work closely with the team and are very impressed with their achievements as they make progress towards realizing their vision.”

About us

Founded by Itzik Malka, Yoav Cohen and Nir Cohen.

We've developed an AI-powered engine that maps the subsurface, depicting the exact location of any man-made subsurface infrastructure.

We've grown from 4 to 50 people in just under 12 months, and this recent investment will further enhance our growth and fuel our efforts to develop a variety of map-based services.

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About Viola Ventures

Viola Ventures is part of Viola, Israel’s leading tech-focused investment group with over $3B AUM. Founded in 2000, Viola Ventures empowers early-stage start-ups to become global leaders. The fund manages over $1B and is the only Israeli early-stage VC with 7 unicorns.

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Itzik Malka

Navigating the depths beneath our feet is more than just a mission for Itzik Malka; it's a relentless passion that has led him to co-found 4M Analytics, a groundbreaking Infrastructure & Utility Mapping Tech-Company. With an entrepreneurial spirit coursing through his veins, Itzik envisions a world where the hidden infrastructures below us are not mysteries, but accessible maps that drive humanity’s progress. His pioneering drive seeks to replace blind trenching with a digital repository, revolutionizing the way we navigate underground infrastructure. By harnessing a variety of cutting edge technologies, Itzik's team is rewriting the rules, offering real-time, cost-effective data that solves one of the greatest challenges civil engineers experience today.