Data / Remote sensing / AI

Multiple Data Fusion Engine

Data collection

Open source & third-party data acquisition; clean, verify, rate, render process

Remote sensing

Data driven, high resolution, wide spectrum

Data fusion

Each layer gets position on a GIS platform with 1 Meter accuracy

Smart Map

Smart, interactive and most updated map of the subsurface

Data sources


Underground pipeline detection

Ashdod, Israel

Underground pipeline detection

Virginia, US

Automated point cloud

fence detection

Automated object detection

fence and explosive ordnance detection

Automated object detection

mechanical equipment

Proof Of Concept (POC)

As part of our research (2017-2019), we have accomplished a POC on the Compromised Land vertical, Smart Mapping an suspected hazardous area, while predicting the exact location of the classified hazardous areas.

During the execution stage, we found a 100% success correlation between our system’s prediction and the actual landmines uncovered.

This POC took place on three different projects – real minefields.